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A passion for excellence

The right service for you

A passion for excellence

The right service for you

by ixrm
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Team at desk

We work with you to understand your requirements and how your business processes can be improved then tailor build a system to meet those needs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 2 laptops

A packaged solution for a monthly fee with no up front costs; tailored to sales and specially designed for smaller businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 blackboard phone

Training tailor made for your organisation, at your offices or at ours in Leeds. Regular general training for new users through to system administrators.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 sourcecode laptop

If you’re struggling to upgrade your Dynamics 365 system due to excessive custom code we can help you understand what to save and how to move forward.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 polaroid

If you need guidance to get a new project moving in the right direction or a project has stalled and you are struggling to progress we can help.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 support woman on phone

If you have the resources to run your project in-house but need a little guidance to get things moving in the right direction we can provide the support you need.