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How can your charity benefit?


Benefit from our pro bono services for Charity. In most cases, we can complete the entire implementation without it costing you anything for our consultancy services. For more complex requirements we offer the requirement gathering, project scoping and design on a pro bono basis. We then agree the length of the project and amount of time required before any work is started. You will also benefit from discounted licencing from Microsoft providing you meet their charity criteria. To learn more about our implementation process, see our services page.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Work together, Share Data, Deliver a Consistent Message

The Scenario: The telephone rings and is answered by a member of the team. It's a supporter and they have a question about an event that is coming up in the calendar and they want to know how they can get involved and leave their contact details in order to be sent information about the event.

Without a system: The team member searches through Excel spreadsheets, printed material, asks another colleague, searches the website, checks the office notice board etc. The supporter is waiting on the phone and the team member is using a lot of their valuable time to respond to the enquiry. The team member tells the supporter about the upcoming event and puts the supporter's details into a spreadsheet. They also go into Outlook to compose an email to thank the supporter for their time on the phone and copy and paste the event details from the website. They go into a separate spreadsheet for the event and log the details again for the same supporter.

With CRM in place: The team member searches within the system for the event. The event detail appears along with the date, venue, a map, etc. The team member collects the contact details for the supporter and adds them to the system. This adds a contact record as well as logging an RSVP for the event. This automatically triggers an email that is sent to the supporter with the event detail. When a team member views the event, they see the list of attendees. When they look at a supporter record, they see the list of events that supporter is attending. Every team member is able to work in the same way and save time.

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