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Company Overview

ixRM was formed in 2014 to help companies using Microsoft Dynamics CRM get the best value for money out of the product they have purchased. ixRM has

also helped many customers to select Microsoft Dynamics CRM and run the implementation project for them from end to end. ixRM is a consultancy with a

​difference and operates based on three key principles:-


As a company we believe in being completely honest with our customers. From the outset, we will assess your needs correctly and ensure we meet expectation. If work is completed more quickly than expected, we will tell you so and allow you to "bank" the unused time for another occasion. Likewise, if a piece of work takes longer than expected to complete, you can expect the same level of honesty. We won't sell you anything you do not need, will always recommend the best solution and if we do not supply it, we can help you to source it. One thing we can guarantee is you will not receive any unexpected bills!


Each day of work we carry out comes with a simple report at the end of the day justifying that day of work. We give you the assurance that we are doing what we say we will do. Whether we are attending your site or carrying out work remotely, you can expect the same level of transparency.


Issues and problems are unavoidable but we at ixRM are there when you need us. Whether it's a question about how to do something in the system or there's a problem you cannot solve, we are here to help. We arrive promptly when working days on site and ensure that the correct amount of time is spent on each piece of work we carry out. We work very closely with a number of IT companies and 3rd party solution providers on our projects and will gladly speak directly to yours to both prevent and solve problems where necessary.